House for sale

Why is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Buying a home can be a daunting prospect, so leave it to us at Zoom995 to guide you as you go through the process. If you’re only just considering buying a property and are unsure whether it’s the right time, we’re here to tell you why right now is the perfect time to buy a […]

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Crawley Estate Agents

10 Tips for Selling Your House Fast

Preparing your house or flat for potential buyers (also known as staging) is extremely important. Not only will it ensure your property is sold fast, but it could potentially add thousands of pounds to its final selling price. Zoom995, the south’s hybrid estate agent explores effective ways to stage your property to sell your home […]

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When should you sell?

When is the best time to sell your home?

Go to most high street estate agents and they’re likely to tell you that “now is a great time to sell!” At Zoom995, we’re honest with our clients. It’s true, certain months and certain seasons ARE better than others when it comes to achieving the best possible price for your home and a quick sale. […]

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Open House

12 tips for selling your home

They say a viewer will decide whether they want to buy your home in just a few seconds. Preparing your home for viewings, or “staging” as it’s called, is important. Not only could staging help you sell quicker, but it can potentially add thousands of pounds to its value, while costing you very little, if […]

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Smells That Sell Property

Selling a property is all about emotions. You see the right property and your head can often rule your heart. Emotions and our senses are often out of our control; or are they? Can we control and condition prospective buyers to love our property by appealing to their strongest senses? It is well known that […]

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Making The Most Of Your Viewings

First impressions count which is just as well in a fast moving property market. You need to be able to assess fairly quickly whether it is the place for you. In some areas such as cities and up and coming areas, the property turns over so quickly that you may not get the the luxury […]

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Tips For Preparing Your Property For Sale

So, you want to move. Perhaps you have found your perfect home and need to move quickly to ensure that you get it. How can you maximise your chances of getting those all important viewings and offers? This blog post gives you some simple tips for presenting your home and achieving the maximum price. Before […]

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