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Smells that Sell

Monday, 6 March, 2017 - 21:45

Selling a property is all about emotions. You see the right property and your head can often rule your heart. Emotions and our senses are often out of our control; or are they? Can we control and condition prospective buyers to love our property by appealing to their strongest senses? It is well known that plain colours allow buyers to clearly see potential of a potential move, acting a blank canvas. It is also known that certain decorations that appeal to your target audience may help them to see themselves in the property. So that is sight taken care of but what about the other senses? Smell is an underused and very underrated weapon in the art of successful property selling. It is a very simple improvement that can really positively affect the impressions of potential buyers even in a subconscious way.

Smells such as flowers, sandlewood, lavender are typically universally liked but all smells are subjective and should be carefully considered.

You could consider your target audience and try to adapt the smell to people on their viewings. For example, if you are targeting families or have a superstar kitchen then why not try to have fresh bread or coffee? If you are appealing to a young professional couple who might like modern living then a sophisticated fragrance may be preferable.

Let’s not overdo it. It needs to be welcoming and universal smell that is not overpowering. It should be an accent smell that is supporting the overall features of the property and not the other way around. Some essential oils can be very overpowering even though they are designed to be attractive. They can even be nauseous to some people.

As well as trying to inject more positive smells in to your home, conversely, we need to also consider whether we have smells that would not sell if we don’t do anything about them. Strong negative smells include damp, cigarettes, laundry, baby sick, spicy and rich foods such as curry or fish . Another classic is animal smells. Not everyone will appreciate Fidos aroma and may be quickly put off believing that such a strong smell may also indicate a property where animals have had a free reign. Any smell can be a negative if it is too overpowering but some can linger and may take more shifting. You need to consider this when planning viewings. There are some well known techniques for shifting such robust odours such as leaving half an onion in a room overnight. The onion will absorb smells. Obviously this depends on the size of the room in question. Don’t forget to pick it up before the viewing though! For the less traditional, there are a myriad of powerful and efficient products available on the market, all designed to make your property sweet smelling.

Making the effort also has other benefits too. Even a token gesture of improving the smell will give the impression that you care about the house which has other connotations, suggesting that the property will have been well cared for and could therefore justify and command a higher price. That could be a very sweet smelling result.

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